Australia: New Young Professionals Group Off to a Good Start

A recent addition to the petroleum technical/social calendar around Perth, Western Australia, is the Young Petroleum Professionals (YPP) congregation of up-and-coming players in the industry.

The YPP program is aimed at petroleum industry professionals in the first 10 years of their careers. The aim is to create opportunities to network among peers and share ideas and experiences. The program is a collaboration between Petroleum Exploration Soc. of Australia (PESA) and SPE. The evening meetings normally consist of a speaker offering either biographical material and tips for young professionals or a talk on the soft skills required in today’s industry. The YPP program started in Perth in March 2004 with a presentation by Shirley McKinnon, from the McKinnon Management Group, covering such topics as “How To Manage Upwards,” “Anticipating Problems in Your Team,” and “Five Tips To Take Away That Will Improve Your Working Environment.” Another event featured Agu Kantsler, Woodside’s Director of New Ventures, presenting a synopsis of his time and work with Shell and Woodside  and some of his advice and observations. Other events have included:

Upcoming events will include Eve Howell, Managing Director, Apache Energy, and Jeremy Prosser, Asia Pacific Manager, Baker Atlas GeoScience.

The meetings have been well received, with an average of more than 80 people in attendance at each event and rising. A testament to the growing interest in the program is the increasing numbers of lawyers, accountants, economists, stockbrokers, and other professionals associated with the petroleum industry and not just geologists, geophysicists, and engineers. With endorsement from Woodside, Santos, Apache, Eni, and the Dept. of Industry and Resources, and with six very successful meetings so far, it is sure to be an industry fixture.

YPP meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every other month at the Belgium Beer Café, Murray Street, Perth.