Middle East Regional Council Reviews YEPP Initiative

The Middle East Regional Council meeting held during the Middle East Oil and Gas Show (MEOS) in Bahrain, 12–15 March 2005, included for the first time a presentation made about the Young Exploration and Production Professionals (YEPP) initiative. It was also the first time that the concept of YEPP was presented in the Middle East. 2005 SPE President Giovanni Paccaloni gave a presentation highlighting the main points of the YEPP program after a detailed presentation by Tony Thomas, YEPP initiator for the Middle East.

The presentation covered why the YEPP initiative is essential, what it is about, its vision and mission, current YEPP activities around the world, The Way Ahead magazine, and future YEPP activities that are being planned. The presentation concluded by distributing The Way Ahead to attendees and encouraging an open discussion about any possible concerns the council members had.

The presentation was well received by all the section representatives of the various sections around the Middle East. There were section chairpersons from Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, and Egypt present. All present agreed on the importance of YEPP programs for the oil and gas industry and for the growth of SPE, and on the need to empower young professionals to take the lead within SPE by mentoring them. It was agreed to create YEPP focal points for the respective sections and initiate YEPP activities in the various sections.

Council members listen to presentation on YEPP activities.