Cutting-Operations Steel Envelope

Building on the field-proven ThinJack technology of safe, fast, rigless separation of seized well flanges, the company’s research and development efforts have resulted in PowerPad—the first hydraulically inflatable, millimetric-thin steel envelope for supporting and maintaining the height of the gap during a cutting operation. This pad prevents objects from collapsing in on the cut gap and trapping and breaking the diamond wire, thereby causing delays, and meets a need to deliver productivity in engineering safe asset-reduction techniques in the decommissioning sector. It permits faster and safer operations cutting through concrete assets and, with the addition of sensors and software, can also be used either simultaneously or consecutively to determine the weight, load requirements, and center of gravity of heavy items being removed. With the capability to calculate the center of gravity before the lift of the upper, cut-off part of the asset, PowerPad permits widening the range of vessels that may be used for topside disconnection and thereby can contribute toward decreasing costs, with a range of structure sizes.

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ThinJack’s PowerPad hydraulically inflatable steel envelope.