Wellhead Outlet

Downhole monitoring equipment is changing; new power requirements exist and more well data are being transmitted to the surface, and multiconductor cables are becoming increasingly prevalent to serve this equipment. The 7-Pin I-Wire Penetrator System smart-well feedthrough from ITT BIW is the first wellhead penetrator that offers up to seven contacts to serve multiwire cables. These electrical outlets are usually placed on top of the wellhead bonnet and serve as a seal to connect downhole monitoring equipment to the surface. The cables are connected at both ends of the pressure barrier, allowing for safe transmission of electric power to the downhole gauges, and data from the equipment back to the surface to aid in well management. With the smart-well feedthrough, customers now will be able to connect their most advanced monitoring equipment without having to perform complicated workovers on the cabling, which involves maintenance costs and potential safety trade­offs. This is a product that wellhead operators will want to use because it covers their pressing need for an electric infrastructure that can handle greater data transmission, allowing them to manage their wells  in a smarter way. Additionally, this new outlet incorporates a safety indicator that provides a ­visual warning if high pressure is detected within the outlet housing, preventing dis­assembly in unsafe conditions.

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The 7-Pin I-Wire Penetrator System smart-well feedthrough from ITT BIW.