Artificial-Lift System

A new technology from Production Plus Energy Services offers a solution for operators to reduce lifting costs and increase production in horizontal wells. The Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift System, or HEAL System, complements existing artificial-lift systems, settling the messiness of horizontal flow, reducing fluid density, and lifting fluids higher in the vertical section where a pump can operate most reliably. Sluggy, inconsistent flow in horizontal wells means poor run time, excessive workover costs, and inadequate drawdown. The HEAL System delivers smooth flow to the pump that is placed shallower in the vertical section, to allow the pump to work more reliably and efficiently, ultimately reducing operating and capital costs while enhancing production. Suitable for both existing and new wells, HEAL allows natural flow during the early part of the life cycle, and then integrates, with minimal expense, into artificial-lift systems once they are required. For some operations, the HEAL System can fill the lifting gap and eliminate the need for intermediate lift systems such as gas lift. Operators who have installed the HEAL System have experienced a material improvement in production and reserves, on the order of 30% or more, over the remaining life of the well.

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The HEAL System from Production Plus Energy Services.