Production-Measurement System

Production logs have been an industry standard for many years, but by themselves they are not a reliable way to evaluate the complicated flow regimes in modern multistage wells. Production logs work well at determining the phases of flow in horizontal or vertical wells, but determining from which stage or cluster the production is originating is more of a challenge. The Refrac Road Map Focused Production Measurement System from Tech-Flo measures fluid entry and the phases of flow while in the hole. It uses the flexibility of a hydraulic jet pump to produce and stabilize the well while each zone or stage is isolated between straddle packers. It is movable and resettable. It increases and measures a flowing well’s production, produces and measures a dead well’s production, and can produce a zone or stage’s absolute openhole potential. It measures three-phase flow, temperature, static bottomhole pressure, and flowing bottomhole pressure to determine a well’s in-flow performance. It can be run in real time or memory mode. Conveyance methods include jointed pipe, coiled tubing, or fiber coiled tubing. Suggested uses of this system include post-fracturing evaluation, pre-refracturing evaluation, and evaluation of vertical wells with stacked pay.

Schematic of the Refrac Road Map from Tech-Flo. Left inset: jet pump; right inset: pup joint with Doppler production-logging tool.