Vibration-Monitoring Platform

The ClampOn LPHP vibration-monitoring platform combines high sensitivity with low power consumption, resulting in a standalone vibration-monitoring and data-logging system that can run continuously for weeks using only a small battery pack. At the core of the LPHP platform are three state-of-the-art microelectro-mechanical-system (MEMS) accelerometers in a three-axis configuration. The platform includes several other sensors, such as a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis magnetometer that can be used as a compass, and an additional low-power accelerometer for longer battery life. MEMSs are traditional mechanical systems on a microscopic scale. An MEMS accelerometer consists of a system of springs and masses, and uses capacitive sensing to measure the position of the proof mass. MEMS accelerometers offer several advantages over traditional piezoelectric accelerometers, including small size, low power consumption, and low price. Together, all the sensors can be used for so-called “inertial navigation.” Inertial navigation is accurate for small movements, but the measured absolute position will tend to drift over time. Combined with knowledge about expected movements, or other sensor inputs, the position measurements can still become very precise.