Production and Reservoir-Management System

Schlumberger, in collaboration with Saudi Aramco, has developed a new completion system that provides simultaneous control of multiple zones across multiple well sections, increasing recovery while reducing lifting and intervention costs. The Manara production and reservoir management system, which uses inductive coupler technology to provide power and telemetry, can be deployed in conventional or extended-reach wells, in two or more sections, or across any number of lateral junctions. The system incorporates compact stations positioned in zones within each well section to measure water cut, fluid-flow rate, pressure, and temperature in real time. Multiple stations can be placed in each lateral, providing precise control of zonal production or drawdown. Work flows that normally take 3 to 6 months can be performed in 1 day. Sensors placed upstream of stations analyze production from the associated zone, with data communicated to the surface through a single electric control line. When a particular zone sees water breakthrough, the system can adjust the electric flow-control valve to hold back the water while other zones continue producing. The Manara system has been installed in four wells in the Middle East. In one case, six stations and four inductive couplers were deployed in three laterals of a well, providing daily downhole monitoring, reservoir management, and drawdown control in each zone.

Schlumberger’s Manara production and reservoir-management system.