Cold-Weather Pipe

Polyflow, a manufacturer of spoolable reinforced thermoplastic pipe for transporting hydrocarbons, water, and other fluids, announced the launch of Thermoflex PE, a lightweight polyethylene pipe for cold-weather climates. Production of Thermoflex PE is currently under way, and it will be available in various sizes and pressure ratings. The market need for pipe that can withstand tough climates calls for a better choice than steel or other plastic pipe in the Bakken. Thermoflex’s unique polymer construction and aramid-fiber reinforcement deliver high resistance to hydrocarbons in sour and sweet environments around the world. Operators in cold environments can benefit from Thermoflex PE’s resistance to corrosion and cyclical loading. This allows oil and gas exploration-and-production companies in the Bakken and other northern regions to get wells flowing faster for increased profitability while enhancing safety, reliability, and longevity. In support of Thermoflex PE, Polyflow delivers service in the field as well, from modeling, installation, and support to its ExPERT ­pipeline-rehabilitation program.

Thermoflex PE, a lightweight polyethylene pipe for cold-weather climates from Polyflow.