Proper casing centralization is critical to achieving a high-quality cement job and long-term well integrity. The Weatherford VariForm centralizer withstands the most-demanding run-in-hole conditions to centralize casing precisely in horizontal, deviated, standard-gauge, underreamed, and close-­tolerance sections. It is a one-piece, slip-on centralizer with a single, metallurgically invisible weld with no hinges or mechanical connections. The shape can be easily adjusted to optimize performance for any application. During run-in, the bows collapse to enable passage through tight wellbore restrictions. Upon landing, the bows restore the full outside diameter (OD) to provide reliable standoff. The centralizer is available in three distinct versions: standard, UR, and sub. The standard centralizer has an OD that is equal to the expected hole size, to minimize starting and running forces. The UR centralizer runs through tight annular restrictions, especially those in underreamed sections. The sub runs in close-­tolerance casing restrictions as narrow as 0.125 in., yet it restores to full OD to centralize underreamed openhole sections of at least 4 in. Each type of centralizer is available in a wide selection of standard sizes and designs or can be fully customized.

Each VariForm centralizer from Weatherford undergoes stringent in-house manufacturing and testing so that it meets or exceeds all American Petroleum Institute 10 D standards.