Chemical-Injection System

Remote Automation Monitoring (RAM) products allow upstream and midstream operations to increase chemical-injection precision and efficiency while reducing chemical and overhead costs. RAM uses patent-pending, virtual-flowmetering and stroke-­counting technology to achieve precise dosage delivery. RAM’s IPC2000 cellular pump controller uses this technology to sense each compression stroke delivered by the pump without additional sensors, cables, or components. It offers major savings on equipment costs and includes PROFLO proportional flow-control technology. PROFLO allows the option of setting chemical-delivery targets on the basis of conventional quart-­per-day parameters, or in parts per million (PPM). The PPM mode permits a simple input signal from a product flowmeter to automatically modulate chemical dosage on the basis of the user-set PPM concentration level. All RAM ­cellular- and satellite-based controllers feature integrated tank monitoring, local autonomous pump and tank management, comprehensive battery management, temperature-controlled methanol injection, and security alerts. They also offer comprehensive scheduled/polled reporting through text, a mobile web page, or RAM’s FLEET web-based human/machine interface.

Remote Automation Monitoring’s IPC2000 cellular pump controller.