Automated Reporting Software

NOV has announced the commercial release of the SynOpsis automated reporting software, part of the MD Totco family of drilling applications and software. The SynOpsis software collects data from rig sensors, determines the activities being performed, and provides rig, crew, and well-­efficiency metrics to increase understanding of drilling operations. Manual methods of capturing rig activity are subjective and summarized, limiting the ability to identify invisible lost time or possible areas for improvement. The SynOpsis software analyzes 1-second sensor data at the rigsite to determine the rig state in real time. This provides metrics and visibility on even the shortest events, enabling operational optimization. The SynOpsis software offers a variety of intuitive, comprehensive reports that highlight key performance indicators such as rotary-/slide-drilling rate of penetration, tripping speed, and slip-to-slip and weight-to-weight connections to evaluate rig and well performance. With detailed and summary information, users can view key metrics by day, well, or crew. With a diverse selection of reports, whether customers want to see a condensed daily summary of all rigs or wells, a comprehensive view of rig performance, a post-well report, or a benchmark of multiple rigs and wells drilled in a particular area, SynOpsis provides a view to meet the need.