Dart-Activated Hydraulic Pipe-Recovery System

The HyPR HoleSaver from Churchill Drilling Tools is the first full-strength hydraulic pipe-recovery system. The tool consists of a full-strength sub positioned in the drillstring, which is ­severed by a HyPR jetting dart in just a few hours. Traditional methods of pipe recovery can take many days and often use explosives or other high-energy sources. By using dart-activated technology, the HyPR HoleSaver is a faster, simpler, and safer way to recover stuck pipe for many applications. Churchill Drilling Tools, in its effort to create new technology to reduce cost and enhance performance, has made considerable investments in research and development to produce HyPR darts that are capable of delivering cutting power in excess of 1,000 hydraulic hp, with jet velocities of over 300 ft/sec. To activate the system, either a fishing or cementing dart is pumped down the string. Once landed in its intended location, this dart will quickly part the full-strength sub. This process can also be accelerated with torque or overpull from the surface. Depending on the dart selected, the user is left with either a perfect fish-neck or immediate side-track cementing capability. Up to three HyPR HoleSavers can be positioned at multiple points throughout the string for maximum contingency options. The tool is an ideal partner for Churchill’s DAV MX circulating sub, which can be used in packoff situations to recover circulation before cutting the string. Stuck-pipe situations currently cost the drilling industry millions every year. Churchill Drilling Tools was therefore committed to develop this low-cost, simple, and effective solution to the recurring issue. The HyPR Hole­Saver now enables operators to effectively insure against excessive costs by running the tool in their drillstring to recover quickly from stuck pipe should it occur. The compact and portable nature of the system makes it ideal for remote locations where stuck-pipe situations are likely to have even higher cost implications. The low cost of running the tool, combined with its rapid recovery time, brings significant cost reductions for operators globally.

A HyPR HoleSaver Dart from Churchill Drilling Tools. Capable of producing cutting power in excess of 1,000 hydraulic hp with jet velocities of over 300 ft/sec, the darts are able to cut through a full-strength sub in just a couple of hours.