Hydraulic Long-Stroke Pumping Unit

The Weatherford EnviroLift hydraulic long-stroke pumping unit is a new lift solution that is well-suited for multiwell pads, environmentally sensitive areas, and populated areas. It provides capabilities similar to those of a conventional pumping unit—but in a more compact, environmentally friendly package that enhances safety—and eliminates problems associated with other hydraulic technologies. The unit is suited for deviated and horizontal wellbores and for liquid production up to 1,200 B/D (191 m3/d). The unit comes in three parts that require no site preparation and install quickly: the wellhead, cylinder assembly, and power unit. The 240-in. stroke unit is rigidly bolted and supported on the integrated wellhead—eliminating guy wires while enabling the unit to withstand 100‑mph winds—and contained in a single cylinder with no exposed moving parts. The design eliminates the stuffing box to avoid leaks. With a maximum skid size of 11×6 ft (3.4×1.8 m), the unit enables higher well density and increased productivity in multiwell pads and provides plenty of work space. Additionally, with options for camouflaging and noise reduction to blend into the surrounding landscape, the unit can be aesthetically pleasing.