Reamer Tool

Superior Drilling Products’ Drill-n-Ream tool is a dual-stage eccentric reamer that increases the wellbore drift by 1/16 in. or ⅛ in. over bit size while rotating during horizontal and vertical drilling operations. The two reamer stages spaced approximately 5 ft apart act in unison to force each other into the formation while reducing ­ledges, doglegs, and wellbore tortuosity. Each reamer includes four blades with numerous polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC) cutters, which are designed in a progressive pattern to minimize torque. Diamond domes are also placed strategically on the reamers to eliminate pipe damage and protect the PDC cutters while rotating in casing. The profile relief located near the blades entices the formation into the PDC cutting structure to maximize the amount of formation that is contacted while conditioning the wellbore.

The Drill-n-Ream tool from Superior Drilling Products.