Cement-Evaluation Service

Baker Hughes introduced its Integrity eXplorer cement-evaluation service. Existing evaluation techniques, which have been used for more than 30 years, are acoustic-based and may not provide the accuracy needed when faced with current challenges. This new electromagnetic/acoustic technology allows operators to assess the integrity of cement bonds directly in any current wellbore environment or cement mixture. Operators in the upstream sector rely on the accuracy of cement-bond logs to make critical decisions that can affect long-term well integrity and the environment. While cement compressive strength has typically been used as a key indicator of cement quality, today’s challenging environments require a more-detailed assessment. The Integrity eXplorer service provides operators with accurate and comprehensive data about the properties of the respective cement, thereby enabling them to make critical decisions to help protect their assets, reduce nonproductive time, and minimize unnecessary remediation.

Baker Hughes’ Integrity eXplorer cement-evaluation service.