Downhole-Fluid-Recovery Service

Flowco’s NitroGEN Services rapidly recover downhole fluids. Nitrogen is efficient, inert, and noncorrosive, and works seamlessly with all Flowco gas lift valves. NitroGEN operates in three ­stages. First, a low-pressure air compressor pulls atmospheric air to the membrane separator; next, the membranes separate air into rich, inert nitrogen gas at greater than 95% purity and oxygen waste. Finally, high-pressure booster compressors discharge nitrogen-gas volumes up to 600 scf/min at 5,000 psi. Applications include well jetting and unloading, de­watering, well testing and cleanout, reservoir-pressure maintenance, and gas supply for gas lift systems. New-well activity applications for NitroGEN include completions and drillouts. NitroGEN is ideal for pipeline purging and pressure testing. 24-hour supervision and daily reporting are available with NitroGEN.

The NitroGEN downhole-fluid-recovery service from Flowco.