Italian Section

The young professionals (YPs) section of SPE Italy drives the Sponsor Team for Young Petroleum Engineers Development, which focuses on all young professionals in the Italian oil and gas business, supporting their personal and professional growth.

A creative workshop was held in spring 2008 in a picturesque and serene location in northern Italy. The two-day workshop was limited to a maximum of 30 participants from various educational and professional backgrounds to ensure a good mix of opinions and ideas.

The dominant topic of the workshop was “assertiveness,” as attendees learned that in today’s fast-paced international oil and gas industry it is essential for YPs to be firm but polite with people from different cultures. This concept was taught to attendees through role playing and discussion. Other topics such as leadership and self-motivation also complemented this theme.

—Saadoun Banoori and Alessandro Tiani, Eni, Italy