Mumbai Section

The SPE Mumbai Section organized a Young Professionals (YPs) event in Mumbai in May aimed at bringing together YPs for networking and giving them a chance to have one-on-one discussions with senior professionals and SPE board committee members. The event also stressed the importance of teamwork.

Thirty young professionals attended, representing such companies as Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Schlumberger, British Gas, and Baker Oil Tools. The event kicked off with addresses from speakers from those companies.

Next, during a roundtable session, participants from various companies and disciplines came up with questions on mentorship, energy sector education, nonconventional resources of energy, and industry/academia interaction. An informal session to showcase the importance of teamwork featured participants organized into teams comprising people from different organizations, nationalities, and disciplines. After teaming up, an ice-breaker activity was organized in which teams were provided a list of items to be collected from the other teams. The second informal event was a general quiz. The final round was a team-building exercise in which each team was required to build a tower with miscellaneous items provided to each of them.

More details of the event and about the chapter can be found at: For more information, please contact Varun Pathak, Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger at

—Varun Pathak, Schlumberger