London Section News

The London young professionals (YPs) group held a weekend trip in late August, which was the main event for the year. The choice of activities was based on the results of our Web-based survey, which indicated that most people wished to visit a producing field and attend nontechnical sessions.

The first stage of the trip was a guided tour of the facilities and producing oil and gas fields of Star Energy. The technical tour led to discussions on production, process control, and switching wells between gas production and storage. The second stage of the trip was a series of soft-skills workshops hosted by Bill Robb of Profit Improvers. His sessions covered communications issues, such as negotiation and sales skills.

The weekend received positive feedback from the attendees, and we look forward to arranging similar events in the future. We wish to thank the staff of Star Energy for its time; Gaffney, Cline & Associates for the use of its board room; and RPS Energy for sponsoring Robb’s segment of the event. For more information on the London YP group, please email:

—Adam Borushek, RPS Energy