Netherlands Section News

The SPE Netherlands Young Professionals (YPs) Section has had a very active period in recent months. In July, the common ground between E&P and space technology was investigated at the European Space Agency. Both spheres deal with extreme conditions, tough logistics, and ultrahigh-tech equipment while exploring new areas. However, the differences are also striking—high pressures vs. vacuums and heavy vs. ultralight equipment. It was a very interesting journey that gave new insights.

In September, a new series of lectures kicked off, starting with “Perforating in the Southern North Sea.” In October, social skills were the focus, with a program titled “Selling Yourself in the Petroleum Industry.” Though from the job perspective the industry situation looks rosy, it still comes down to choosing the job and career that fit your strengths and personal interests. 

—Andries K.T. Wever, Wintershall