London Section News

The London Young Professionals (YPs) Section recently held face-to-face interviews with YPs representing a wide range of ages, companies, and career choices within the industry. These interviews were collated and analyzed in order to find common trends, issues, and concerns among the London-based oil and gas professionals. The conclusions were presented at a panel session, titled “Bridging the Gap: Managing the Transition for Young Professionals in the Petroleum Industry,” at the SPE London Section meeting in May. Jon Furniss, chairperson of the London YPs section, spoke from the YPs’ viewpoint, and Iman Hill, vice president, Developments, BG Group, spoke from the employers’ perspective. The talk focused on the attitudes of YPs toward the oil and gas industry, their careers, and their transition into more-senior roles. Following the session, a Web-based survey was conducted to update the YP section services, direct plans for the group, and organize activities such as soft-skills sessions and the 2007 field trip.

—Adam Borushek, Petroleum Engineer, RPS Energy