Looking Forward: Help to the New Young Professional Chapters

The backbone of the Young Professional (YP) network in SPE is the individual YP chapters around the world. Because of the relatively recent startup of the network, these chapters are at various stages of development. For convenience, we have listed them below, under a tier structure. The relative tiers represent milestones on the way to a fully active YP chapter. For example, Tier Four represents a fully active chapter, while Tier One includes sections in which a YP board member has been selected or a YP has expressed a wish to start a chapter.

As part of my duties to the YP Coordinating Committee, it is my job to help sections develop their own active YP chapters. As part of this, some best-practice documents are now available on the YP Professional Network on the SPE website. These documents describe the identified tasks necessary to take a chapter from initial interest to the first events. These ideals are contrasted to the actual experiences of various sections around the world. Help is also available to aspiring chapters from the various SPE offices.

If you need help at any time, you can contact me at alamb@statoil.com, and I will help you directly or connect you to the right resources around the world.

Tier Four—Established and active local YP programs: Aberdeen, Delta (New Orleans), Gulf Coast, Italy, London, Stavanger, The Netherlands, and Western Australia.

Tier Three—A recently established YP program looking for more participation and guidance: Canada, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Egypt, Evangeline, Nigeria, Northeast, and Oman.

Tier Two—SPE sections that have expressed interest in establishing local YP programs: Brunei, France, Java Indonesia (Jakarta), Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, and Saudi Arabia.

Tier One—SPE sections that have identified a local YP board liaison: Alaska, Bolivia, Cote d’Ivoire, Germany, Mexico, Moscow, New South Wales, Northern Emirates, Salt Lake City, San Joaquin Valley, Southern Africa, and Tripoli.