Canada: A Discussion of Goals, Responsibilities

Giovanni Paccaloni, 2005 SPE President, visited Canada’s Young Professionals (YP) Section in April and led an evening of energizing discussion with 30 young E&P professionals. Paccaloni spoke about the basic needs of a newly initiated YP program. These needs include a board of directors with defined roles and responsibilities, an annual program, a budget, a source of financial strength, a bulletin or newsletter to share information, and the establishment of international relations with other YP programs and members around the globe.

The discussion also included the need for personal growth of young professionals through development of soft skills including networking, communication, public speaking, report writing, time management, and social intelligence. Paccaloni stressed that in order to grow personally, one must become involved, because there is no reward for passivity. One must strive for excellence and long-range success. He emphasized that showing enthusiasm and passion for any given task leads to the engagement of yourself and those around you.

The board of directors of Canada’s YP Section would like to extend a special thanks to Paccaloni for the evening he spent speaking with our group. Great lessons were learned from the discussion.  In his own words, “First give something of yourself, and then expect something back in return.”

We would like to introduce our new board of directors: Julio Soriano (Director), Dave Anderson (Codirector), Robin Zubach (Board Member), Casey O’Shea (Board Member), and Leanne Foust (Treasurer).


Paccaloni discusses the needs of a new YP program. (above)

Leanne Foust, Production Engineer, Paramount Resources Ltd.