Libya: Two Program Firsts

An SPE student chapter at Al-Fatah U. and a Young Professionals (YP) program have been established in Libya for the first time. The programs were created after a visit from 2006 SPE President Eve Sprunt with Ross Davidson, Director of Operations, SPE Office in Dubai.

The 2006 YP Liaison and the Membership Chairpersons (Yosra Abugren and Piers Temple, respectively) accompanied Sprunt and Davidson in their visit to the students of Al-Fatah U.’s Petroleum Engineering Dept. They gave a presentation illustrating the importance and benefits of joining the SPE student chapter. The students were very enthusiastic about the visit and showed great interest in joining and becoming active members.

The Al-Fatah U. student chapter was formally established in March with 87 students. This number is expected to increase significantly during the next year. The chapter greatly appreciates Halliburton’s sponsorship of student memberships. The student chapter is sponsored by Mohamed Nasr Sanousi, a faculty member at Al-Fatah U.

During an SPE Libya Section board meeting, board members agreed to identify and assign a YP focal point for each E&P and service company in Libya to start coordinating YP activities. Board members offered to provide their support whenever necessary to ensure the success of the YP initiatives and the activities of the student chapter.


From left, Peers Temple, Ross Davidson, Nasr Snousi, Eve Sprunt, Yosra Abugren, and two instructors in the petroleum engineering department. (Above)

Yosra Yousef Abugren, Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger