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In its last issue of 2022, November SPE Production & Operations will feature papers that discuss deep learning methods to detect scale buildup, an intelligent approach to oil recovery enhancement, and lessons learned from large-scale CO2 stimulation in the Williston Basin, among other topics.

Likewise, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering will feature several papers on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics among several other topics in its last issue of the year.

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Journal cover Drilling

Impact Factor: 1.721
Time to First Decision: 30 Days

SPE Drilling & Completion

Covers horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions and drilling operations

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Journal cover Production

Impact Factor: 1.400
Time to First Decision: 29 Days

SPE Production & Operations

Covers production operations, artificial lift, downhole equipment, formation damage control, multiphase flow, workovers, stimulation, facility design and operations, water treatment, project management, construction methods and equipment, and related PFC systems and emerging technologies. In addition, subsurface renewable energy and carbon dioxide transport, injection, and storage are included.

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Journal cover Reservoir

Impact Factor: 2.672
Time to First Decision: 23 Days

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering

Covers the application of a wide range of topics, including reservoir characterization, geology and geophysics, core analysis, well logging, well testing, reservoir management, enhanced oil recovery, fluid mechanics, performance prediction, reservoir simulation, digital energy, uncertainty/risk assessment, resource and reserve evaluation, portfolio/asset management, project valuation, and petroleum economics. 

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SPE Journal cover

Impact Factor: 3.602
Time to First Decision: 29 Days

SPE Journal

Covers novel theories and emerging concepts (not including review articles or multi-part articles) spanning all aspects of engineering for oil and gas exploration and production, including drilling and completions, geomechanics, production and facilities, oilfield chemistry, CO2 sequestration and injection, reservoir evaluation and engineering, numerical simulation, data analytics, economics and externalities including health, safety, environment, and sustainability.

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“As a mostly retired member of SPE, I depend on the SPE Production and Operations and SPE Journal for information on new technologies in the stimulation and flow assurance technologies. Frequently, I copy papers for my personal library and cite them in publications I write.”

Wayne Frenier
Research and Development, Schlumberger (Retired)
Author – Chemical and Mechanical Methods of Pipeline Integrity, 2018