Jorge Sandoval

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I was born in Russelleville Arkansas, but really grew up near Fort Smith, Arkansas, in a town known as Van Buren, Arkansas. From a young age, I noticed that I always enjoyed math and science classes much more than any other classes. After having graduated from Van Buren High School as the valedictorian, I decided to pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering at The University of Tulsa. Since I enjoyed math and science, I knew that I wanted to pursue some form of engineering. I always had family that worked in the oil and gas industry, and thus it was something that I had experience with. 

The experience that I had with the oil industry was always very pleasurable and exciting, which is why I decided to choose petroleum, out of all the possible engineering fields. I chose the University of Tulsa because I felt like it was the perfect distance from home. Far enough to where I am an independent person, but close enough to where my family could help me in any time of need. 

Additionally, The University of Tulsa had many opportunities that I felt weren’t available at many other colleges. For instance, I was able to land an internship as a petroleum engineer after my freshman year of college. Since my class sizes are small, my professors always knew who I was, and thus they were able to help me in making connections, which allowed me to land a scholarship for the summer. College is something that I am paying entirely on my own, and through financial aid, part-time jobs, and scholarships such as this one, I hope to graduate from college with little to no-debt. Thank you SPE for this opportunity, allowing me to come one step closer to being able to afford college independently.

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