Jones Maju

Jones Maju Headshot Jones Mueje Maju grew up in the Niger Delta area of West Africa. For the latter part of his years he has been in South West Texas where exploration, development and production of petroleum is the center of the local economy.

His desire to pursue studies in oil & gas exploration and production dated far back to his passion and curiosity in geology as it relates to petroleum, ore and water. The process stages from the formation, extraction and the end use of petroleum was a mystery to his young mind – one he was determined to unfold. With this goal in sight, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Benin, Nigeria and an Associate Degree in Process/Petroleum Engineering Technology at Houston Community College. This further advanced his career trajectory into industrial operations and petrochemicals at the Chevron facility located Southeast Texas along the Gulf of Mexico, USA.

His long-term goals are centered on a post-graduate specialization in hydrocarbon production, refining and distribution, and to become a well-rounded professional in production development and management. Jones is currently completing his MBA degree from the University of Houston - Victoria and was accepted into the Master’s Degree program in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Jones has a beautiful family with sons and a daughter, Anaiya Maju.

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