Elsie Ladan

Image of Elsie Ladan Elsie Ladan is a graduate student presently pursuing a master’s at the Harold Vance School of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University. 

Her journey began early on when she discovered a penchant for natural resources through science classes and earth science documentaries. With support from family, she enrolled for a bachelor’s program in Petroleum Engineering at the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Having garnered sound work ethic from an internship experience with Schlumberger and several awards for academic excellence through her undergraduate studies, she emerged as the best graduating student for the class of 2017. In addition, she was recognized as the first female student from Northern Nigeria to graduate with a first class from the department of Petroleum Engineering. 

Teaching and mentoring young students at the Kaduna State Polytechnic spurred her on to advance her knowledge and technical experiences through education in one of the world’s top institutions. Elsie is presently working as a Research Assistant studying technology to enhance production from unconventional reservoirs. Her goal is to to impact the oil and gas as well as energy industry as a technical practitioner and leader in the future.

Having come from an educationally less developed state, Elsie has been motivated to push and break stereotypes. It is her desire to see more minorities emerge and lead in the energy industry and is grateful to the Society of Petroleum Engineers for always acknowledging and encouraging female, African students.

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