Kun Xie

Kun Xie headshot Kun Xie is currently a PhD candidate majoring in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering in Northeast Petroleum University (NEPU) in China. Kun got the bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering and master degree in Oil & Gas Development Engineering from the NEPU. Kun obtained the qualification of postgraduate in advance for his excellent grade in 2012. During his postgraduate studies, Kun’s overall scores ranked 1st in his major. So far, Kun has gotten many honors awarded by the university and the government. Kun has published 17 technical papers, applied for 11 patents, and put forward an important opinion that researchers should pay more attention to the applicability of polymer in polymer flooding, instead of only caring about the ability to increase the viscosity of polymer.

Kun is the member of Young Volunteers Association, Association of Petroleum Engineering Design Competition and SPE Student Chapter in NEPU. He always takes part in activities held by university to help people who need help. As a representative of excellent students, Kun often initiatively introduces study methods to other students on how to do researches and write papers. Besides, he has successfully helped his classmates to create a technology company involved with petroleum through his knowledge.

As for Kun, petroleum research work is to explore the underground world, which is as fascinating as exploring the mysteries of the universe. After graduation, Kun want to enter the university or the research department of an enterprise to continue engaging in research work related to the petroleum industry.

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