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Felicia Oluwadamilola Olaniran’s Dedication to Energy Education

14 February 2024

Felicia Oluwadamilola Olaniran
Felicia Oluwadamilola Olaniran
In the vibrant world of energy education, Felicia Oluwadamilola Olaniran emerges as a guiding force, passionately dedicated to bridging the gap between classrooms and the energy sector. A Geoscience graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University and an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Lagos Section 61, Felicia serves as an Energy4me Ambassador, driving impactful initiatives to ignite curiosity among students.

Energy4me is an SPE education initiative, designed to promote STEM awareness and information about the energy industry to students across the globe. Through interactive sessions, educational resources, and hands-on activities, Energy4me allows students to participate directly in the industry, with the goal of sharing potential STEM-based career options.

Felicia shares her inspiration for joining the Energy4me program, expressing, “My deep passion for promoting STEM awareness, especially among students, led me to get involved. I believe in the power of education to shape young minds and foster an understanding of the energy industry from an early age.”  

Her commitment to the cause has translated into memorable moments during hands-on experiments, where she witnessed the joy and marvel in students, leaving a lasting impact on their educational journey. 

The significance of Felicia’s work doesn't stop with the students, but also extends to personal growth. 

“Being part of Energy4me has not only expanded my knowledge but has also contributed positively to my career. The experience of developing and delivering educational content has enhanced my communication, presentation, and leadership skills, equipping me to navigate complex issues and drive positive change.”

Felicia’s recognition as the Young Exceptional Member for SPE Lagos Section 61 is a testament to her exceptional contributions in inspiring the next generation within the energy sector.  

Felicia stands as an inspirational figure in SPE, shaping minds and lighting the path for future professionals in the energy industry. Her dedication to education and cultivating understanding underscores the transformative impact that individuals can have on aspiring minds.

As Felicia urges, “Education is the key to unlocking potential. Let’s continue to inspire and empower the next generation within the energy sector, making a meaningful impact on their educational journey.” 

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