A Systematic Approach to Water Management in Unconventional Reservoirs While Doing Surface Field Development Planning

Management and Information

Course Description

This 2-day compressed training session will provide to any individual the minimum knowledge and tools to support all aspects of front end engineering and field planning for their assigned business area.

From Water Management perspectives, the training will educate professionals on how to manage the need of water in Unconventional Developments since water has become one of the most valuable and important commodities and resources.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn what are the main principles and tasks associated with facility development plans, front end conceptual designs and water management for unconventional fields.
  • Learn about where these principles can or cannot be applied while performing front end engineering, field development planning and water management strategies.
  • Discuss a real life example where these principles were applied and have led to a significant improvement in value for the owners.
  • Understand the Water management Strategy Model that has been developed based on professional and real life experience.
  • Learn about tasks required to support new acquisition evaluations, Exploration and Development phase, and managing front end development of small to medium sized projects.
  • Provide the opportunity to have a real-time detailed discussion about one of the most relevant topics to ever be discussed while doing unconventional business. Basically, how to safely manage the need of water in an environmentally-friendly manner without jeopardizing a Company’s Development Plan and paying attention to two relevant key aspects such as Regulators and Stakeholders.

Learning Level

This is an intermediate to advanced course.

Course Length

2 Days

Why Attend

The potential of Shale gas in Canada, USA, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia is massive and the lack of expertise, new regulatory requirements, and lack of water sources / disposal have opened a few gaps between development, design, and operations. If the most common issues are overlooked, water can be a constraint of your Development Plan. The solution is not a magical one. It is basically a systematic approach that will help to close those gaps. That systematic approach is in essence a concise Field Development Plan and Water Management Strategy.

In essence, this training will provide required tools to perform facility development plans and front end conceptual designs.

Who Attends

Engineers that are involved in the development of oil and gas fields such as:

  • Project Engineers
  • Front End Project Development Engineers
  • Concept Development Engineers
  • Water Management Engineers
  • Water Engineers
  • Process Engineers

Special Requirements:

  • Knowledge in Field Development Planning and Conceptual Evaluations
  • Knowledge in Unconventional Business – Fracturing Operations (Desirable but not mandatory)

  • Knowledge in Project Life Cycle (Desirable but not mandatory)

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received no later than 14 days prior to the course start date. Cancellations made after the 14-day window will not be refunded.  Refunds will not be given due to no show situations.

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SPE reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses at will.  Notification of changes will be made as quickly as possible; please keep this in mind when arranging travel, as SPE is not responsible for any fees charged for cancelling or changing travel arrangements.

We reserve the right to substitute course instructors as necessary.

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Lorenzo Hernandez P. Eng. is an independent consultant registered as a P. Eng. in Alberta and Saskatchewan with 22+ years of extended and varied Oil & Gas Facilities, Projects Engineering, and Design experience. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Gas Engineering and a Project Management Certificate. Experienced within and outside of Canada working for both Oil & Gas Operating Companies and Engineering Companies (EPC). Lorenzo Hernandez is the author of the series The Three Pillars of Water Management Strategy 1 to 4 and Webinar. Additional to what has been his long life career, he founded 4Teens Ltd Company with the objective to motivate teens to make good choices and to show them that there is no shame in doing the right thing.
Lorenzo Hernandez has recently been accepted as a consultant for GLG Council and will start providing support for Oil & Gas Engineering Projects.

Prior Teaching and Speaking Experience:

  • Teacher Advisor – Support – Mechanism & Dynamic Subject at University (2 years)
  • Presentations (twice as speaker) for Gas Processing Association – Venezuelan Chapter
  • Multiple presentations (in a monthly basis) while performing my duties as Process and/or Project Development Engineer for Operating Companies.
  • Facilitator and speaker in the Networking Series Program developed and managed by The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary – 2015-2016
  • Webinar – Field Development Planning and Water Management – Sept 19, 2016

Additional Course Resources

This course has a supplemental book located in our SPE Bookstore entitled Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil Exploitation. Please check out this valuable resource!