SPE Future Leaders Academy: Leading in a Transforming World

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Are you wondering how to navigate in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambigious) World? Do you want to start to make sense and develop answers for yourself, and your organisation? Would you enjoy spending 3 exciting days with like-minded peers from your industry and embark in a journey of exploration, experimentation, and discovery of the emerging world trends and your own personal biases and mental models? Are you ready to sharpen your pencil for the next career challenge?

Are YOU ready for the deep dive?

If the answer is yes, then join us in this novel and very interactive programme, which will provide insights into current evolutions, but also start imagining relevant futures. You will develop perspectives of stakeholders off-site your own sphere, but very relevant for your future. How to align diverse stakeholders, negotiate win-win arrangements and build an agenda for your team, your environment and your company.

The programme combines expert input, case studies, and immersive scenarios from the E&P and other industries to embed your learning and enable you to progress to the next level of your career.

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Core Content Modules:

The programme consists of  5 core content modules that utilise a number of different learning methodologies to provide practical and immediately applicable skills.

  • Making sense in and of the VUCA world
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • The impact of digital on the modern corporation
  • Leading and managing your environment
  • Developing insights about yourself

The program will deliver:

  • New insight into how you can successfully navigate the transition from being an individual contributor to being a project or people leader
  • Learning around the competencies, behaviours, and work values that will help you become an effective leader more quickly
  • A practical skill set that you will be able to apply immediately as well as throughout the next phase of your career
  • The opportunity to informally benchmark your approach and what’s going on in your company with how things are done in other organisations
  • Fresh inspiration for the opportunity you have to contribute to the success of your organisation and the wider industry
  • Building a strong network of colleagues from other companies

Seminar Length

3 Days

Why Attend?

For many E&P professionals, developing the expertise to successfully move into and perform in a leadership role is difficult. The technical skills that got you the job aren’t the same skills you need to move up, particularly in a constantly transforming world. Making sense of our VUCA world is becoming ever more important.

The SPE Future Leaders Academy has been designed specifically to help you learn the necessary competencies to progress your career. The programme delivers immediately useful information in an E&P work setting that will equip you with the necessary tools to:

  • Navigate effeciently and be comfortable leading in the ever faster changing world
  • Learn how to adapt your approach when needed
  • Develop the proficiency required to act as a leader in a multi-disciplinary environment and influence others when you don’t have formal authority
  • Learn how to present your ideas most effectively to key stakeholders 
  • Understand how successful people develop themselves and leverage networks
  • Prepare yourself for the challenges you face in developing your career

Who Should Attend

The SPE Future Leaders Academy is designed for oil and gas industry professionals who are ready to make, in the process of making, or have recently made, the transition to a leadership role. 

While developing the skills of sensemaking and developing answers to ever emerging issues, the journey will supplement your technical skills and prepare you for the next stages of your career.

Special Requirements

Prior to attending the SPE Future Leaders Academy, delegates will receive the following pre-work pieces.

  • A 45–60 minute webinar (the Intellectual Curiosity Webinar) will be held with the participants 3 weeks before the programme starts—setting the scene, describing the pre-work in more detail, and allowing for Q&A by the participants.
  • All participants will complete the Equilibria online Questionnaire at least 2 weeks before the programme commences.
  • There will be some post programme engagement in order to see how the participants actually use and work with the skills and tools acquired and developed through the programme.
  • Overview of the E&P scenario to be used in the programme


2.4 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) will be awarded for this 3-day seminar. 

About Our Instructors

Loïc Sadoulet Loïc Sadoulet is affiliate professor of economics at INSEAD. He holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He has been teaching at INSEAD since 2000 in executive development programmes, the MBA, and executive MBA programmes.

His research focusses on business development and expansion in emerging economies, both by local efforts and through entry by multinational companies. His interests lie in creating profitable agreements in environments with substantial information gaps. A major line of his research has concentrated on the design of financial services that can be extended (profitably) to traditionally neglected segments. Recently, he has also been involved in investigating ICT-based solutions to create new profitable markets for a range of activities.

Before joining INSEAD, Loïc worked for the World Bank; in a microfinance institution in Guatemala; at the European Centre for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics at the Free University of Brussels; and at the Solvay Business School where he was twice rewarded by the Teacher of the Programme Award by the part-time MBA students. He regularly consults for the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank on issues surrounding financial systems for the poor. He is also currently developing a project to provide financially-sustainable microfinance services in underserved areas of Brussels and Paris in partnership with large commercial banks.

Jens MeyerJens Meyer’s teaching and development focusses on innovation and change. His approach is to explore industrial or managerial beliefs, reveal dysfunctional aspects, and proposes means and measures to overcome them.

He is the dean of programmes at CEDEP and adjunct professor at INSEAD, and holds appointments at other academic institutions such as the University of Applied Science of Worms (Fachhochschule Worms).

Jens graduated with an MBA in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology in 1992 from the French Business School Theseus at Sophia Antipolis. He then went to INSEAD, Fontainebleau, where he co-founded the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies.

He has developed and taught courses on a variety of subjects including cyber-entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial innovation in the context of business start-ups), business intelligence, fair process and change management, blue ocean strategy and value innovation. He has lectured and presented in executive programmes and gatherings throughout Europe and the US for more than 50 groups and clients over the last 10 years.

Jens is a co-founder of Strategy Regeneration Limited, a company based in Dublin, Ireland which designs and delivers project coaching and facilitation to a broad range of businesses and functions; the Strategy Regeneration offer has been in the market for over two years.