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HBR: How to Return Home After an Assignment Abroad

One of the allures of the oil and gas industry for young professionals (YPs) is the opportunity to travel and live in other countries and experience different cultures. The Young Professionals Guide To section of TWA offers guidance from fellow YPs on how to adapt and thrive in a new cultural setting. As a different take on the same topic, a Harvard Business Review article explores the challenges, when reverse culture shock hits, of settling back into your own culture after returning from an assignment.

Andy Molinsky, a professor of organizational behavior at the Brandeis International Business School, and Melissa Hahn, a cofounder and principal consultant at Hahn Cultural Consulting, offer solutions to readapt when instead of slipping seamlessly back into the life that you left behind you discover that you are now like a proverbial square peg in a round hole on your return.

Read the article here on HBR: How to Return Home After an Assignment Abroad

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