Oman: Career Development in a Fast-Changing E&P World

Who can deliver a message to Young Professionals (YPs) better than a YP himself? On 2 June, Said Al-Adawi, Schlumberger Oman Country Manager, spoke in Muscat, Oman, about career development to approximately 80 enthusiastic attendees representing different companies and technical backgrounds.

Several issues were touched on, including YPs’ roles and responsibilities in the oil and gas industry and how to balance technical and social aspects. Al-Adawi presented some statistics on industry demographics and spoke about what challenges those trends will present for YPs.

A question-and-answer session took place at the end of the talk and sparked discussion about the smooth transfer of job responsibilities from senior members to YPs, the knowledge gap that could be left behind, staff retention and hiring/firing policies, and whether YPs should target vacant management positions instead of enhancing their technical expertise. A half-hour social closed out the presentation.


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