Student Chapter Spotlight: Northeast Petroleum University, China


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Since its establishment in 2006, the Northeast Petroleum University Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (NEPU-SPE) experienced significant growth, from having a handful of members to a well-structured student organization led by core leadership and multiple committees. The NEPU-SPE chapter hosts academic exchanges and activities and various international conferences, which actively promote inquiry, involvement, and innovation in cutting-edge petroleum science and technology.

NEPU’s New Leadership

On 16 November 2015, the NEPU-SPE held their eighth Leadership Inauguration Ceremony in Daqing, China. Professor Liu Yikun, dean of College of Petroleum Engineering, Professor Yin Daiyin, associate dean of College of Petroleum Engineering, and Faculty Advisor Dong Chi attended the meeting.

Petro-Shining Professional English Vocabulary Contest

On 27 March 2016, NEPU-SPE hosted the Petro-Shining Professional English Vocabulary Contest. Since Chinese companies began adopting international education and development strategies (China’s “Go Out Policy” initiative encourages its enterprises to invest overseas), an urgent need arose for Chinese universities to compel their students to not only obtain a high level of professionalism, but also have a mastery of professional English in order to be competitive in the modern workforce.

The English Vocabulary Contest attracted students from different colleges within NEPU to compete and showcase their knowledge of English, from basic vocabulary to professional lexicon.

The competition not only rewarded those with mastery of the language, but also improved the academic potential of all participants. Having a command of the English language gives them the ability to comprehend both domestic and international research literature and increases employability. Several prizes were given to winners as a motivation to compete. Daiyin and deans from other NEPU colleges attended the contest and presented the prizes to the winning students.

SPE Distinguished Lecturer Visit

On 22 April 2016, SPE distinguished lecturer, Jenn-Tai Liang, visited NEPU and presented his lecture titled "Think Outside of the Box—Nano Drug Delivery Technologies for Oil Recovery Applications." This experience illustrated to our students the importance of professional English and allowed them to practice through face-to-face communication. Furthermore, they learned about the development of a new technological frontier, engaged with a subject-matter expert, and opened their worldview.

The Skills Contest and SPE Cultural Festival

On 24 May 2016, NEPU-SPE students participated in the International Petroleum Engineering Skills Contest, organized by China’s Southwest Petroleum University SPE chapter and Malaysia University of Science and Technology Chapter. The skills contest consisted of a theoretical knowledge section and an experiment section. The NEPU and six other universities at home and abroad participated in the event. After an intense competition, NEPU students Bao Chuhui, Fang Yujia, Sun Shijun, and Guo Xin won the first prize.

The NEPU team won the 2016 International Petroleum Engineering Skills Contest.

Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students Across China

In July 2016, the NEPU’s College of Petroleum Engineering and College of Geosciences and NEPU-SPE hosted the Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students Across China. The purpose of the summer camp was to promote the NEPU graduate school by attracting and fostering relationships with elite college students in China.

During the summer camp, NEPU professors introduced different NEPU colleges, their current status, and future development goals to campers. Campers toured NEPU’s state-of-the-art laboratories and met the experts in residence. Forty-three experts and scholars gave a variety of lectures, seminars, and forums. Campers had the opportunity to obtain an in-depth understanding of the history and development of NEPU, its faculty and staff, scientific research institutions, personnel training, job placement, and more. Nearly half of the camp participants were admitted as graduate students to NEPU via the Exempt from Admission Exam program. The camp was a huge success and culminated with a dinner and a show exhibiting stellar academics, entertainment, and talent.

Yu-jia Fang is currently pursuing an MS in petroleum engineering at the Northeast Petroleum University (NEPU) in Daqing, China. She serves as the Finance Minister for the NEPU-SPE Student Chapter. Fang’s research interests include reservoir numerical simulation and improved oil and gas recovery.



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