Winners of SPE President’s Award for Section Excellence Announced

Twenty two SPE sections have been awarded the 2018 SPE President’s Award for Section Excellence, the highest honor a section can receive. The awards will be presented during the President's Luncheon at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas.

The awardees are

  • Abuja Section

  • Astana Section

  • Atyrau-Kazakhstan Section

  • Azerbaijan Section

  • Brazil Section

  • Calgary Section

  • Colombian Section

  • Croatian Section

  • Denver Section

  • Gulf Coast Section

  • Juba Section

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section

  • Lagos Section

  • Lima Section

  • Macaé Section

  • South China Sea Section

  • Timan-Pechora Section

  • Ufa Section

  • Uganda Section

  • Uralsk Section

  • Vietnam Section

  • Warri Nigeria Section

The award recognizes the top 10% of eligible sections that are exemplary in the following scoring categories and weightages:

1. Technical Knowledge Dissemination


2.  Section Operations & Sustainability


3. Member Benefits


4. Reaching Out – Within, Inter-Society and Community Benefits 


5.  Innovation



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