Bangalore Section Holds Technical Quiz

SPE Bangalore section, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Petroleum Geoscientists, conducted an integrated technical quiz named InQUIZitive at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore.

Teams registered for the quiz online, and on the venue were given a questionnaire covering several disciplines, including reservoir engineering; geology; petrophysics; health, safety, security, and environment; and general trivia. Based on the performance in the preliminary round, six teams were shortlisted as finalists.

 The selected teams then competed in four rounds of quizzing, which challenged their knowledge about the oil and gas industry and also their abilities to solve problems under pressure. 

The enthusiasm among the audience was as high as it was among the participants as they were allowed to answer questions that could not be answered by the teams. Winners, runners up, and the members of the audience who answered correctly were awarded prizes.

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