SPE Partners With WPC on Youth Forum

SPE is working as a partner with “energiseyourfuture,” a worldwide youth forum sponsored, by the World Petroleum Council (WPC). The second youth forum to be organized by WPC, following the successful debut of the event in 2005, “energiseyourfuture” is a unique initiative in which young people from around the globe will debate about how to satisfy the world’s ever-increasing demand for energy sustainably. 

While the main event is a conference to be held from 20–22 November in Paris, phase 1 of the forum is already under way. Through a web 2.0 community platform, “energisemynetwork”, young professionals (YPs) are contributing now to the youth forum agenda and helping to define tomorrow’s energy road map—as they develop networks for the conference and possible future collaboration.

With a major meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change slated for 7–18 December in Copenhagen, Denmark, the interactive forum provided by “energiseyourfuture” is offering YPs the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns about building a sustainable energy future and engage in a trans-generational debate with industry chief executives such as Christophe de Margerie, Total, Gérard Mestrallet, GDF Suez, and Andrew Gould, Schlumberger. All have welcomed the opportunity to engage in this discussion.

Phase 2 of “energiseyourfuture” is the November conference itself. SPE is actively involved in the program committee, which is developing the content and arranging speakers. Committee members from SPE represent sections from across Europe, the Middle East, India, and North America. Nearly 1,000 participants are expected at the conference, among them YPs, students, academics, top industry executives, and numerous experts in a variety of fields, including individuals from think tanks and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

A plenary session titled “A Reality Check on Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape” will assess competing definitions of energy security and consider both traditional and alternative responses to the problems of political risk, technological investment and innovation, future supply shortages, the right energy mix, and climate change.

A panel discussion, “An Ethical and Sustainable Industry: Making it Happen,” will examine the opportunities the energy industry has to enhance the lives of its stakeholders, contributing to social, economic, and environmental improvement, and how the industry works with governments, NGOs, and other entities to further these objectives.

A round-table discussion, “Tomorrow’s Leadership: Matching our Skills to the Challenges,” will explore the type of future there is for young people in the energy sector, as well as the challenges involved in building tomorrow’s leadership and filling the anticipated resource gap.

In addition, the conference will offer numerous workshops that will the larger themes in greater detail, and there will be networking and knowledge-sharing areas called knowledge cafés open to all participants.

Phase 3 of “energiseyourfuture” is the actual work of creating a credible roadmap toward a sustainable future, using what is learned in phases 1 and 2 to help build industry best practices and make a meaningful, long-term industry commitment. 

At each phase, SPE is using the opportunities to make sure that its voice is heard. We encourage our members to debate these vital issues actively on “energisemynetwork.” The most active contributors will be rewarded with complimentary invitations to the conference  ( TWA


Some members of the 2009 WPC Youth Forum Program Committee, pictured at the initial planning launch for the event. From left are Dave Cox (SPE), TubeFuse; Burcu Gunal (SPE), Turkish Petroleum; Severin Secklehner (SPE), OMV; Siri Struebing, ExxonMobil; Ingvild Meland (SPE), Petoro; Wail Mousa (SPE), Schlumberger; Celine Rottier (SPE), Repsol; and Alex Volle (SPE), GDF Suez. A number of additional members of the committee are not pictured. 


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