An Interview with Marjorie Nogueira, Section YP Chair, SPE Gulf Coast Section

How did you get involved with SPE? What has your involvement with SPE meant to you in all these years?

I have been SPE member for over 5 years. I joined the Texas A&M University SPE Student Chapter in 2002 while I was pursuing my master’s degree. As a student, I wrote two SPE papers and won the 2005 SPE environmental student paper contest. In addition, I was involved in the SPE Public Energy Education Committee delivering presentations to elementary school children about careers in the oil and gas industry. As a professional, I have participated in multiple SPE conferences. In 2007 I decided to increase my commitment to SPE and was elected chairman of the YP Program. SPE has provided me with the opportunity to disseminate my technical work, to support my community, to develop my leadership attributes, and to increase my professional network. Working with the SPE all these years has significantly improved my knowledge of the oil industry and has given me a different set of skills to become a better professional.

How do you relate to the theme of this issue of TWA, “Women in the Energy Industry”?

I am the first woman to be elected chair of the YP program in the Gulf Coast Section. This is a great milestone for me and for our section. As a woman, I have been very fortunate to find open doors in the energy industry. This is contrary to what many other female professionals have found earlier in their career in the oil industry in various geographic locations. One of the biggest challenges as a woman is finding a role model. There are very few female leaders that I can identify with regarding work/life balance, a successful dual career, and family. I look forward to being a role model for other women.

You have been involved in recruitment of graduates and interns. What qualities allow a YP to go a long way in any SPE section?

The most important quality for a successful volunteer in any organization is accountability. This means that the person consistently completes the activities that he/she has committed to with excellence. When I am recruiting for graduates and interns for my company, I look for proactive individuals, with critical thinking skills and integrity. These qualities usually are aligned with accountability.

What vision do you have for the YPs in the Gulf Coast Section?

The vision for our YP program is to continue to bring innovation and success to the activities in our section. We want to reach all the YP members in the GCS and increase their participation in our programs. This will allow us to be a role model for emerging YP programs around the globe. A few months down the line I will be serving in the membership committee as Past Chair and adviser for the incoming YP board.

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