Gulf Coast Section Emerging Leaders Program Continues Success

SPE Gulf Coast Section members continue to be amazed at the high energy level they see from their relatively new Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Committee. The 15–20 member committee meets monthly to plan activities geared for young professionals. With a rotating meeting place schedule, the committee meets a company representative from management who shares his/her insight on the oil and gas industry. These half-hour- to hour-long discussions offer valuable information that might otherwise be missed without the ELP. The messages from company to company are often consistent, and it is clear that the key issues and concerns are less company-dependent and more industry-focused.

Each member of the ELP Board has a specific responsibility. Current members are Jason Baihly, Ashish Chitale, Tony Delmoe, Brian Glater, Gabriella Guerre, Chad Henderson, Anuarbek Imanbaev, Henry Nwabuzor, Shawn Rimassa, Anna Scanlan, David Seeburger, Luis Tapia, and Sean Willis. Basil Allam is Chairperson.  

The group participates in events that promote technical and leadership development, networking, and outreach. For example, the ELP held its 3rd Annual Emerging Engineers Conference in April. The two-day conference included presentations from industry leaders, a panel discussion involving colleagues with advanced degrees, and a golf tournament. There was also a poster session for the first time.

Outreach events include Bowl for Kids Sake, which raised money for underprivileged children, and the Petrobowl, the annual quiz tournament at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition that involves 15–20 college teams in spirited, but friendly, competition.

The SPE Gulf Coast Section, with more than 12,000 members, includes a wealth of young professionals. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2007–08 committee. Step up, take your place, and invest in your future.


Upcoming Gulf Coast ELP Events

3 May

Bowl for Kids’ Sake

17 May

Networking social


Energy League beach volleyball

14 June

Roughneck Camp

25 July

Technical Development Dinner

10  August

Farewell and Welcome Dinner (committee members)

24 August 

Broomball Event

12 November

Petrobowl Competition


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