Young Professionals Network Offers Opportunities

The energy industry is changing. The role of the young professional is increasingly important in ensuring the long-term success of the business of oil and gas production. To succeed, we rely on the volunteer energy and personal responsibility of members to drive initiatives through to success.

SPE offers young professionals the opportunities to share their knowledge and seek new avenues of professional and technical learning. The tools are here to help you develop. By using them, you are ensuring that we are continuously improving as a community and growing into the roles that we must take to lead this industry into the future.

Use the Young Professionals Network to:

  • Learn about existing programs and initiatives.
  • Further discuss or ask questions about articles published in industry journals.
  • Raise the questions you feel are not being asked anywhere else.
  • Request information on professional and technical development.
  • Volunteer for global initiatives that raise the young professional’s profile.

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