Italy: STYPED Lectures Benefit Italy’s Young Oil and Gas Professionals

During 2004–05, Italy’s Sponsor Team for Young Petroleum Engineers’ Development (STYPED) is actively participating in SPE activities, such as the 2005 Young Exploration and Production Professionals’ Workshop, and organizing specific events, including the “Presentation Skills for Future Managers” workshop and Continuing Education Program lectures.

The Continuing Education Program aims to fulfill the specific needs of young Italian oil and gas professionals. During Winter 2003–04, STYPED conducted a survey, and the results demonstrated the need for activities connected with daily working environment issues. It fulfilled this need by providing a cycle of lectures related to key areas of the oil and gas business.

The main drivers of this program are:

  • Subject variety, including lectures on geology, research, engineering, and management.
  • Quality lecturers, including visiting professors, senior professionals, and well-known researchers.
  • Volunteerism. The program organizes a significant number of lectures throughout the year for a large number of participants. Organizers and lecturers offer their time and knowledge for free, while STYPED thanks them with a book for their participation. Eni Corporate U. provides the conference facilities.

Three lectures have been held for the 2004–05 season, with very different subjects:

  • “Oil and Gas Market and Production Countries’ Politics,” by Francesco Guidi, in November 2004.
  • “Analysis of Blowout Accidents,” by Paolo Andreussi, in December 2004.
  • “Evolution of Reservoir Management Techniques: From an C. Gringarten, in January 2005.

To find out more about our activities or give us ideas, or if you are moving to Italy and want to join STYPED, send us an e-mail ( and check out the website.


STYPED members, from left, Marco Odoardi, Alessandro Tiani, Edoardo Dellarole, Giovanna Nicotra, Michele Bonanni, Guido Dalu, and Luca Garzonio.






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