YEPP Forum Scheduled in Malaysia

SPE is organizing a Young Exploration and Production Professionals (YEPP) Forum scheduled 13–16 September 2005 in Malacca, Malaysia, with the theme “How YEPPs Can Make a Difference in the Industry.”

The event is for oil and gas professionals under the age of 35 with fewer than 10 years of experience. In addition, senior executives who have a mentoring role in their organizations are encouraged to attend so that they have the opportunity to talk to young professionals about their careers, the future of the industry, and how to nurture their skills. The forum will try to capture the best practices in the attendees’ respective organizations, and it will provide a platform for young professionals to network with their peers as well as higher level industry professionals.

Discussions and presentations will include:

  • Keynote presentations on major changes in the industry, the current state of the industry, current and future trends that will directly affect YEPPs, and how the oil industry is likely to evolve during YEPPs’ careers.
  • YEPPs’ roles and expectations.
  • Companies’ roles and expectations with respect to today’s YEPPs.
  • Soft skill development, including workshops and direct coaching.
  • Advanced workshops and forums to hone the skills of more experienced YEPPs.
  • Definitive actions and resolutions to improve attendees’ respective organizations, as well as guidelines to develop YEPP sections.

For more information, please contact the SPE Asia Pacific Office at Tel: 60.3.6201.2330, Fax: 60.3.6201.3220, or e-mail:

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