Gulf Coast Section Hosts ELP Workshop

The SPE Gulf Coast Section (GCS) Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) hosted its first ELP Workshop on 27 September 2004 during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston. Young leaders from different parts of the world exchanged ideas on how the GCS ELP could assist other sections in starting up an ELP of their own or how to improve their existing programs. Staff from SPE headquarters in Dallas also were present, and they explained the benefits of working together as a worldwide team of young professionals. The workshop included these presentations from GCS members:

  • Janice Menke, ELP International Relations Chairperson, gave a brief introduction to the GCS ELP.
  • Keynote speaker and SPE GCS Chairperson Susan Howes described how the GCS program started.
  • Hiep Vu, 2003 ELP Chairperson and current SPE GCS Director, discussed how he has benefited from his involvement in SPE and the ELP.
  • Anissa Berridge, ELP Young Oil and Gas Professionals Workshop Committee Chairperson, spoke about the history and development of the GCS ELP.
  • Eric Shearer, ELP Publicity Chairperson, highlighted the benefits of having an ELP in an SPE section.
  • Roughneck Camp Chairperson Rey Saludares discussed lessons learned from the camp.
  • Josh Etkind, ELP Chairperson of the New Orleans Delta Section, concluded the presentations with an overview of the Young E&P Professionals Program and The Way Ahead and how these initiatives will link young professionals.

The presentations were followed by in-depth discussion, which resulted in the following suggestions/action items:

  • Increase non-ELP board members’ involvement in the program by offering specific assignments.
  • Start recruiting new members for the program in college and even high school.
  • Simplify the ELP application process.
  • Provide online templates for events so that smaller sections can pull necessary documents from the GCS ELP website and adapt them to their needs and cultures.

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