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Young professionals (YPs) sections in Paris and Pau organized informal lectures and meetings during the last quarter of 2007 to gather YPs across this region and to present technical and business-related subjects of concern. During the first quarter of 2008, the Paris section planned three informal lectures and meetings addressing business subjects. The first of these lectures focused upon knowledge management and the integration of search engine technologies in the E&P business. This was presented by Mauricio Baez, InTouchSupport Business Project Manager at Schlumberger and the event had good attendance. After a successful launch meeting, the Pau YP section organized a lecture on CO2 storage. The subject was presented by Nicolas Aimard, Total E&P CO2 storage expert, and focused on the Lacq CO2 oxycombustion capture and storage pilot carried out by Total.

—Carlos Chalbaud, Gaz De France

Gerald Latchimy-Parassouramin, Total

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