Books Development Committee

About the Committee

This committee provides expert review and approves recommendation/proposals for new book projects while working to ensure adequate coverage of technical topics. This group also helps to identify and solicit appropriate reviewers for new titles and may work with the author(s) to see the project through the development process (committee members may also serve as steering editors on various projects as needed).

This committee comprises a variable number of members who each serve 3-year terms. Ideally, the committee should have representation from industry and academia, service and operating companies, majors and independents, a variety of SPE regions, and all 6 technical disciplines. The Chairperson is normally selected from among the senior members of the committee to serve one year as Chairperson-Elect, followed by one year as Chairperson.

Qualifications and Experience

When selecting new committee members, previous publications experience (writing and/or reviewing) is helpful, but not required; prior SPE volunteer service is also helpful.

Expected Time Commitment

Time Required: 4-5 teleconferences per year (1-2 hours each), in addition to one in-person meeting during SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (2 hours); Requires 3-5 hours per quarter to review book proposals and respond to online discussion postings on a periodic basis. May require 1-4 hour per quarter to serve as a steering editor (mentor) to author(s) and follow up with new authors on book projects--as needed.

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Solicit, review, and approve recommendations for new titles, assuring adequate coverage of technical topics
  • Help identify potential topics and authors/editors/reviewers for new books
  • Help identify steering editors for new titles, who may work with the author(s) and oversee the project through the process (committee members may also serve as steering editors)
  • Provide oversight in conjunction with the project managers to assure that SPE quality standards are being maintained