PetroWiki Steering Committee

About the Committee

The PetroWiki Steering Committee has the responsibility of guiding the SPE community to further develop and enhance the content in PetroWiki. Its goal is to increase user participation, identify and close topic gaps on the wiki, and propose ways to improve the user experience. The committee may also act as the arbitrator to settle content disputes and discrepancies on PetroWiki if necessary.

This committee comprises 6-8 members who each serve 3-year terms. Ideally, the committee should have representation from industry and academia, a variety of SPE regions, and all technical disciplines. The Chairperson is normally selected from among the senior members of the committee to serve one year as Chairperson. 

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must be an SPE member
  • Should be comfortable composing and reviewing text in wikis
  • Contributed to or authored one or more pages on PetroWiki (preferred) 
  • Previous publication experience is helpful but not required
  • Prior SPE volunteer service is also helpful

Expected Time Commitment

Time Required: 5-6 teleconferences per year (1 hour each), in addition to one in-person meeting during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (1-2 hours); time needed to participate in online committee discussion threads on a periodic basis. Ad-hoc participation projects proposed by the committee may take additional time.

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Oversee the continued expansion and coverage of the various subjects within the wiki
  • Encourage SPE members and member-groups to add and update relevant content in the wiki 
  • Develop a recognition and reward system for individuals who enter wiki content 
  • Facilitate professional guidance when needed to increase the accuracy and correctness of the wiki content (settling disputes)
  • Work with readers, editors and staff to ensure the wiki is providing a quality user experience for everyone
  • Monitor the three main measures of performance: average number of users, number of edits, and new pages created using the existing online analytic tools  
  • Explore options for enhancing the PetroWiki reporting in the future