SPE League of Volunteers Logo Volunteer Recognition

SPE depends greatly on the talents of volunteers to accomplish the work of the Society.

On-demand Volunteer Appreciation Letters

Log in to your member profile and download a personalized "thank you" letter from the SPE President.

Tip: From the "My Account" page, click on "Volunteer Service & Letters" to view completed volunteer service. As future service is completed, it will be viewable on this page.

League of Volunteers Lapel Pin

Upon completion of a volunteer opportunity, SPE professional members will receive a lapel pin as a token of our appreciation. Pins are mailed once a year to those who have not previously received a pin. Pins are available in the SPE Pavillion at ATCE should you need a replacement.

Note: If completed service is missing from your volunteer service page in your SPE Member Profile, contact volunteer@spe.org for assistance.