Message from
South, Central, and East Europe Director

July 2019

Dear Colleague,

June was not only the promise of summer time, but also a very dense month in many ways… In my previous editorial, we published the names of all 14 Regional Awards recipients, again an excellent SCEE vintage with 6 Technical and 8 Professional Awards. As you may know, according to SPE last strategic plan, we will soon merge North Sea and South Central East Europe regions to form a Europe mega-region. With my dear colleague Karl Ludvig Heskestad, SPE Regional Director North Sea, we have decided to run a joint event in Venice (Italy). Indeed, all awardees, including North Sea 4 Technical and 7 Professional Awards, will receive their trophy during next Regional Sections Officers Meeting (RSOM) in Venice on Saturday September 14, 2019. Beyond celebrating our regional talents, the RSOM is the best annual opportunity to network and exchange sections & chapters achievements, issues, industry outlook and insights for the coming year, and last but not least get an update on where do SPE is heading for.

In June, SPE also announced the Student Chapter Award recipients, and again SCEE crop was brilliant:

  • Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter: IFP School (France)
  • Student Chapter Excellence Award:
    • University of Zagreb (Croatia)
    • University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
    • RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
    • TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany)
    • University of Miskolc (Hungary)
    • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romania)
    • Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti (Romania)
    • University of Bucharest (Romania)
    • Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University (Ukraine)

Last SPE International Board of Directors took place in Paris on 23-25 June, we then approved the recipients of 2019 International Awards, and I was very honoured to count leading experts and members in my region, among others:

  • International Distinguished Membership Award: Vasile Badiu (Romania), Eric Delamaide (France & Canada)
  • International Public Service Award: Pascal Breton (France)

For those unable to receive the Award during next Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) on 26-29 September 2019, we will give a certificate during the RSOM award ceremony.

Congratulations to the recipients, these awards enshrine months of successful engagement and amazing commitment, testimony of a vibrant and very energetic community!

Unfortunately, the Section Awards are not yet published, I will therefore release the recipient’s names in my next post!

June was not only the month of rewards, but also another engagement of the Society towards sustainability, climate change concerns, digital transformation and academia. A few weeks ago, under the amazing guidance of SPE Technical Director for HSE and Sustainability, Johana Dunlop, and her team of committed leader volunteers, SPE organized the Gaia summit in Fontainebleau. The 50 delegates defined the pathway to answer a crucial question: Is the Oil and Gas on the right side of history?

End of June, SPE also organized the first ever workshop in Paris (France) about "Digital Transformation in E&P: what’s next, ready to scale-up?". The event gathered an amazing array of delegates in the Pullman Tour Eiffel Paris . The first day was opened by Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP and President Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations as keynote speaker, then followed four sessions focused on Business Drivers, Subsurface Transformation, Operational Efficiency and eventually an interesting panel discussion about roadblocks slowing our DX journey, being incremental or deeply transformative, keys for a successful DX and questioning our existing legacy organizations. Last day tackled data (Data as an asset) and a crucial aspect, Change Management.

More recently, SPE was part of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) near Paris. The GEDC brings together leading engineering and technology employers and deans from around the world for dialogue, to network, and to share knowledge and good practice, developing the next generation of engineering education and leaders.

Finally, it is with great delight that I confirm the official launching of a new section in Cyprus and the establishment of the Université de Montpellier (France) Student Chapter.

I wish you all restful holidays.


Jean Marc Dumas
SPE South, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Director